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Loader of electric FB16 5000 MM
  • Loader of electric FB16 5000 MM

Loader of electric FB16 5000 MM

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Country of manufacture:Germany
Producer of XILIN

Loading capacity is 1600 kg.

Height of rise is 5000 mm.

Complete picking: (Lateral shift of the carriage of the pitchfork, free wheeling).

Loading capacity is 1600 kg.

Height of rise is 5000 mm.

Picking is possible:

  • Lateral shift of the carriage of the pitchfork;
  • The free wheeling of the carriage twisted;
  • Tires are pneumatic;
  • Sheena Tselnolitye;

The charger and joint stock bank in the set;

Alarm illuminants;

High stability and safety

  • The design of the cabin is provided from SIP point, there corresponds EN-ISO 5353, provision of the operator guarantees work without fatigue and with the maximum comfort.
  • Multifunction ZhK - the digital display provides monitoring of the fast and exact condition of the loader. Display of information on the number of the acquired hours, the indicator of the category of the battery, the warning of malfunctions in the form of codes of mistakes.
  • The regenerative system of braking allows to make braking of the loader at removal of the leg from the brake pedal, at the same time increasing the vital term of brake shoes.
  • At the expense of the peculiar design of the mast, the good overview is provided to the operator of the loader.
  • Low provision of the step with the slip from perforated steel, provides fast and convenient landing.
  • The convenient arrangement of levers and devices provides the maximum freedom of action of the operator.
  • Regulated steering column, for convenience and ease of management.
  • Seat with folding armrests and the seat belt.
  • Frictional overlays of brake shoes are made of asbestos.
  • Obligatory option are: rear-view mirror, front and back lamps.

Ease in service

  • Removable overlay of the floor, for fast survey and service.
  • The isolated cover of the compartment of accumulators with holders in the form of gas cylinders.

Technical characteristics:

Model FB16
Loading capacity kg 1600
Center of gravity mm 500
Max. speed of raising of the mast mm / with 300
Max. speed of descent of the mast mm / with <600
Max. speed of the movement km/h 15
Max. tilt angle % 15
The wheel is front model 6.5-10-10PR
size mm Φ590x179
The wheel is back model 5.0-8-8PR
size mm Φ470x137
Electric motor of the movement (EXPERT) 5
Rise electric motor (EXPERT) Kw 8,2
Elektrodvig. power steering (EXPERT) 0,8
Battery tension In 48
Battery loading Ach 450
Battery weight kg 800
Movement controller SX-45(GE)
Total weight kg 3050
The general height with the lifted pitchfork h4 (mm) 6067
Max. height of rise h3 (mm) 5000
General height from opushch.vila h1 (mm) 2015
Height of the protective frame on the carriage h11(mm) 994
Max. free lift h2(mm) 150
Min. clearance m1(mm) 105
General it is long with the pitchfork L (mm) 3205
General it is long without pitchfork L2(mm) 2121
It is long the pitchfork L1(mm) 1070
Front ledge X (mm) 395
Wheel base Y (mm) 1380
Back ledge L4(mm) 360
Loader height h6(mm) 2105
General width B (mm) 1100
Lateral correction of the fork R (mm) 200 - 950
Internal radius of turn V (mm) 150
External radius of turn Wa (mm) 1900
Crossing of the corridor Ra (mm) 1900
Mast tilt angles (back and forth) α/β 6 ° -12 °
Country of manufacture:Germany
Load-lift capacity: 1600 kg
Lifting height: 5 m
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2020

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