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Vizok, OOO

About enterprise Vizok, OOO

We offer high-quality loading warehouse and handling equipment - the equipment for a warehouse (hydraulic trolleys the type "rokla", "rokhlya", "a rokhla, carts with scales, pilers manual electric, pilers manual hydraulic, wheelbarrows garden and construction, cargo trolleys (kravchuchka), platform carts, wheelbarrows, skating rinks warehouse cargo, wheels for carts, wheels on arms, bearings, spare parts, etc.), the warehouse equipment of production of Germany, Sweden-Finland, Bulgaria, Japan, Korea. Types of the provided services:

We sell the warehouse equipment:

  • New equipment for a warehouse
  • To the technician after capital repairs
  • Spare parts to warehouse equipment
  • Wheels for any warehouse equipment

Repair of warehouse equipment:

  • Repair warehouse hydraulic equipment (repair of any loaders, repair of carts hydraulic, manual, platform, repair of pilers)
  • Repair of accumulators
  • We carry out capital - maintenance, service of equipment with departure of the mechanic

Service for the warehouse equipment:

  • Guarantee for loading equipment 1-3 years
  • Guarantee for spare parts to loading and warehouse equipment
  • Additional services at the conclusion of the contract for service of loading and warehouse equipment

The qualified help, documentation:

  • In the choice upon purchase of warehouse equipment
  • In the choice of spare parts to warehouse equipment
  • Under the authority of technical documentation of warehouse equipment (service, repair, safety measures, etc.)

We make the special equipment Existence of a wide range of the warehouse equipment and the saved-up experience of its application, and also cooperation with global manufacturers of such equipment allows us to propose optimal solutions of various tasks and to offer the customer that product which is really necessary to it, but not that which is available for us.

Let's redeem any second-hand equipment:

Let's redeem second-hand carts hydraulic, second-hand pilers, second-hand loaders.

Hire (rent) of the load-lifting equipment (equipment)

- hire/rent of carts hydraulic rokl;

- hire/rent of pilers;

- hire/rent of trolleys/wheelbarrows;

- hire/rent of carts platform.



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